Boulder Installation and startup


Hi All,

Im new to this Boulder installation. I have installed boulder in my local server by following the steps in following link.

After a lot of bumps i have started boulder. But i dont know its has perfectly started or not. How can i check that.

And i want to generate certificate using Boulder, how can i do that and what are the steps i need to follow.

Im using ACME - Java client.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @preetham,

I’m not familiar with this guide but it seems out of date - in particular I would avoid using the “release” zip of Boulder it instructs you to download. We don’t do releases that way and it doesn’t reflect what’s running in production.

Instead I would recommend you follow Boulder’s own quickstart guide.

The easiest check is to see if your Web Front End is able to deliver the ACME directory. If you’re following the Quickstart guide I’d expect something like curl http://localhost:4000/directory to return a JSON ACME directory.

This is covered by Boulder’s README in the Working with a Client section. The short answer is that you need to use an ACME client (like Certbot for example) and configure it to talk to your local Boulder instance.

Hope this helps,

Boulder Deployment (which Release/Branch/Commit to use?)

Thanks a lot CPU. I will try this one and let you know tonight…:grin:


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