Blocked due to ridiculously excessive traffic

Hello this is the first time that I have this problem in my server I have a message that said:

Could not obtain directory: Invalid response.
Type: about:blank
Status: 403
Detail: {“type”: “urn:ietf:params:acme:error:rateLimited”, “detail”: "Your IP, 2001:41d0:a:71d4::, has been blocked due to ridiculously excessive traffic. Once this is corrected you may request this be reviewed on our forum "}

I have looked at my traffic statistics and they are similar to last month. Please help

Which ACME client do you use (and which version)? Is it up-to-date?

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Did you hide your IP address here, or is that the actual message?

I wonder if you were inadvertently blocked because somebody else in that /64 was doing bad things, and Let's Encrypt weren't granular enough with the block.

The problem with OVH is that they assign /128 (at least, that's how my VPS services are addressed - dedicated might be a different story), so there there might be multiple tenants inside that /64. There are definitely other tenants inside my /64s. Maybe OP did nothing wrong at all.


Hi everybody,

We’re keeping an eye on this and waiting for a response from @cgadella to the following question.

Back on May 14th, 2019 we did block IP 2001:41d0:a:71d4:: because it was producing excessive traffic all from a single requester ID. It’s possible that @cgadella has since received an IPv6 addr from that address block and this is an unintentional blocking.


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