Bad Cert domain

My domain is:

The issue is that firefox and chrome are yelling bad domain and says its only valid for,

in the url bar it says

So im not sure what the hang up
My host is godaddy and all my other letsencrypt certs are working properly.

Background I am hosting on my main domain, so i has to run through a subdomain called I create a cert that has both domains in them but it doesnt appear to be working.

Links for help:


How do you manage those websites?
Are you using command line (shell) or a control panel?

Thank you

1 Like and are technically two different names. You need to get a new certificate that includes both of them.

How did you get this certificate?

As an example, if you ran "certbot --apache -d", you need to run "certbot --apache -d -d".


i use cpanel via godaddy

i ran
certbot certonly --manual and a server tag to use the new api on my ubuntu xenial via vmware

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