Avoid having .exe file inside each domain during requesting for letsencrypt

I try to use LetsEncrypt Certificates , it’s works and with this command I able to provide LetsEncrypt.

string command= String.Format(staging + "-a -j -d {0} -p {1} {2}", "domain.com", certPassword, options);
			Process p = Helpers.LaunchProcess(@"acme.net\acme.exe", command,
				stdout => this.Invoke(() => tbLog.AppendText(stdout + CRLF)),
				stderr => this.Invoke(() => tbLog.AppendText(stderr + CRLF)));

During requesting some file like “EZT75eDhDyx7SpDPgA01VNuOKVZLIF5WLWxRMjJ7rWQ” generated and it goes inside of my “.exe” file. I going to put “.exe” file inside of each domain, like:

Is there any command or code that help me having ssl for each domain without having “.exe” file inside of each domain.

I don’t understand. What do you mean by “.exe” file? How can anything be put inside an “.exe” file? Or how can you put “.exe” files into domains?

Hi @mahdi666mahdi7

why are you doing that?

One exe, then address it - c:\central-path\your.exe

Added a link, on this project we have a .exe file. with that we are able to request for ssl.

How could I add this address to my command, at begin ?

Hi @mahdi666mahdi7,

Your command is creating a command line with arguments to be given to acme.exe. If you read the documentation for acme.exe, you can find out what these options mean and how they affect the program’s behavior.

I think the most likely thing is that you can supply multiple names with -d options (perhaps like -d domain1.com -d domain2.com instead of just -d domain1.com) in order to request a single certificate covering multiple domains—if that’s what you intended to do here.

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