Automatoes an ACME V2 replacement for Manuale

Hello all,

I just glad to inform that we have the first release of Automatoes, an ACME V2 replacement for the great manuale project.

As the original project is archived, we forked the project to implement an ACME V2 version and add more features to the project.

Automatoes will provide a manuale replacement maintaining(with minimal changes) the original workflow and in the future we will add a new command to provide a more automatized workflow.

Right now we store orders and challenges files locally so you can monitor manuale execution.

The project was tested against pebble and staging during development and the release 0.9.0 works successfully in production.

It would be great to get your reviews, feature requests and inputs.


Thanks @cpu for all the guidance. It was a really fun project to release.


Always happy to help :slight_smile: Thanks for your hard work updating Manuale for RFC 8555. I hope that your users appreciate it!

(P.s. I love the name “Automatoes” :tomato: :robot:)


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