Automating Cert Installation? (Namecheap/cPanel)


I know that Namecheap doesn’t officially support let’s encrypt, but I am successfully using a wildcard cert for my domain on their shared hosting.

I’m using ZeroSSL’s Windows software locally to get my certs, so I can automate that part easily. I just need to find a way to get them installed, whether it’s by SSH or something through cPanel. Are there any ways to get around Namecheap’s unwillingness to support Let’s Encrypt officially? ShowBox Mobdro


It would be difficult to automate the installation part, specifically if you are on a shared environment but you can use the cPanel certificate installer to install your certs.


really appreciate your quick reply! WOW


@_az has pointed out that cPanel has an API to install certs, which some hosting providers might allow you to access (in which case it might also be possible to automate the installation). Do you happen to know if you have access to that API in your environment?

(I think that if the hosting provider deliberately plans not to facilitate Let’s Encrypt integration, you would probably not have access to the API.)


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