Automatic domain name?

Is there anywhere I can programmatically register a subdomain, for free? Similar to how I can programmatically create a Let’s Encrypt account with certbot --non-interactive?

I’m encrypting communications between a Raspberry Pi and Elasticsearch. A self-signed certificate is one option, but Let’s Encrypt will be better: Raspbian already includes the Let’s Encrypt CA, I’ll be able to access Kibana from any device, Certbot handles the automation. I just need a domain name.

I don’t want to register a domain for this throwaway project, I just want something I can embed in the Pi so it can locate the log server. I’m deploying the log server with AWS CloudFormation and Certbot is great because it lets me add a Let’s Encrypt account and certificate to the CloudFormation template. I’d like to similarly add a domain name.

I found a bunch of dynamic DNS providers, but none yet with a noninteractive registration process.

Any suggestions? How can the Pi locate the log server, and how can I automatically provision what I need (presumably a domain name)?

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Well, you don’t register subdomains, as such–you just publish DNS records for them. And I’d expect any DNS provider with a suitably-featured API would let you do this. I’d suggest looking into Cloudflare for this purpose, though I’m sure they aren’t the only one that could do this.

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