Assistance with ACMESharp Account Set Up


We are using AcmeClient and looking for solution how to use one account for all authorizations and issuances.


Who wrote and maintains the AcmeClient you use?

The reason we ask is that there are at least 4 programs called “ACME Client”. :dizzy_face:

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Ok. then even more gererically…

Which AcmeClient, and version, are you using?

We are using this version:

the documentation is a bit flaky but it’s there

did you do any googling as there are some good tutorials

you may have more luck using a client like letsencrypt-winsimple or certify which are built on top of ACMESharp

ACMESharp is a scripting client so you need to know how to script

i have also updated your topic thread as clear articulation tends to attract people who use the library and sometimes even the library author :stuck_out_tongue:

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