Are there already API's for automation or are they planned?



we are providing a X.509 certificate automation and managing software called Cert’n Key which is managing all about X.509 (scanning, exchanging, trust chain testing, whitelisting, blacklisting etc.). We are interested in supporting Let’s Encrypt environment and interfacing to your CA. Is there a documentation or are there API ('s) for automation of key-generation/issuance available?

Maybe it would be suitable for some companies to have an automated key-exchange tool which exchanges every 90 days and supports Let’s Encrypt strategy.




LE uses the ACME protocol to issue certificates, you can find the spec on GitHub:

There’s already the letsencrypt client that automatically manages and renews certificates.


In addition, we’ve described a way that people will be able to download copies of our certificates.

This is in addition to our OCSP responder, which lets people check whether the certificates have been revoked. In the future, we might have more APIs like this as well.

But as @kelunik says, the main API is our ACME endpoint, which is specifically designed to automate the whole issuance (and revocation) process and allow interoperability with third-party software for these purposes.