Apache2 re-enable of ssl part of vhost stops with AH00526

Hi together,

I had immediate success with ./letsencrypt-auto - Great super work BIG thanks to all involved.

No after disabling my sites and their ssl parts and trying to enable the sites I hit an error.

despite symlinks and destination files are all fine.

I even recreated a symlink using the full path - still same result. Tried to “sudo ./letsencrypt-auto install” to get your tool to refresh — same error :frowning:

Any hints? Thanks! András

Normally, apache2 load private key and certificates at start-up as root before dropping privileges. So if the file exists, it should to able to read it.

Check if the ssl module of apache2 is enabled and try to setup SSL on a apache2 vhost by hand to see if you get the same error.