Any changes to multi-perspective validations lately?

Did a behavior change recently regarding multi-perspective validation? I noticed HTTP-01 challenges coming from AWS in Asia Pacific / Singapore region now. Either they didn't source from that location previously, or they were not required to succeed -- because we had them geo-blocked for years and everything worked fine until this week.

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Yep and that's why.


This was also covered in the first post of the thread you originally added to. That whole (wiki) post is good but this section covers your question

This is another good article about this change

Edited to link directly to section in the wiki about locations


Thanks, I found this article but the way it was worded was unclear if something changed within the last week.


As the API Announcement post says, the change happened at the end of March. But if this is the first time your system has needed to renew a certificate since then, you wouldn't have noticed until now.