Any API/Agent through lets encrypt can offer for auto renewal and/or AD integration?

Hello there,

I would like to know about API/Agent through lets encrypt can offer as those can be easy and very versatile. like any any agents or API for auto renewal/AD integration.


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Hi @bibinbaby

Letsencrypt is API-based. The ACME-protocol is an universal API.

And every client uses that API.


  • you can use a client (or)
  • create your own client with a library or with your own raw functions

The source:

Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME)


Thanks!! Is there anyway to see a demo on this API configuration and/or auto-renewal configuration?


Are you trying to get a cert for AD endpoints etc or do you want to offer client access to certificates via Active Directory Certificate Services?

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Hello, we are looking for a central solution for all the internal and external certificate management. So auto renewal and notification can be done through that. Some other vendors provides AD agents to manage the certificate at domain level. So I was collecting the details on how letsencrypt work for that. thanks

Interesting! I'm the developer of the Certify The Web (ACME GUI) for Windows. I'm building that exact feature as a new Certify Server product (hosted on windows or linux) and we're currently inviting feature requests:


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