Android 4.x Download through HTTPS not possible


Not sure where to post it…

It seems that downloading a file from a Letsencrypt-Secured Domain (https) is not possible because the downloader-application of android do not recognize the letsencrypt certificate.

I was able to reproduce the bug on three devices running all Android 4.2

The HTTPS-Certificate is properly setup and validated with various SSL Tests. When opening the link in Android, the browser recognizes the certificate.

I tried to deploy an .APK through my own Server through HTTPS, didn’t work. So I tried the diawi service (… same Problem. Both servers have in common that they use HTTPS-Certificates from Letsencrypt. When I try to download the app through normal unsecured HTTP, everthing works.

It seems that the Android Download-App does not recognize SSL-Certificates from letsencrypt.


Did you test the domain with ? Did ssllabs report “chain issues” ?


No, no chain issues are reported.

The domain is if you want to test it as well.


Does to code you use to download support SNI ?


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