Android 13 VPN and application cert

H guys,

I have troubles installing lets encrypt certificate to use it when connecting to SSL Gateway.I've downloaded Lets encrypt R3 certificate (signed by ISRG Root X1, pem), but have no option to install it as VPN and applications certificate in Samsung running android 13 version. In previous versions you could choose. Any idea what to do with it? When I try to install it manually as VPN and application cert, it fails.

Why would you want to do so? Android 13 has the ISRG Root X1 root certificate in its root store.


Your VPN server is supposed to give you that certificate (from its own private ca)


We dont have private CA. So far it all worked after installation of intermediate certificate but now I can only use it as "Wifi" certificate and not VPN. Iam using Forticlient on android.

It's not clear to me what it is you're trying to do.

Please tell us what your expected result is.


Please explain this more.

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