All pem files show up as orphans

When I started -tt ing lighttpd latest version 1.4.68 under Ubuntu 22..04. It was complaining that the fullchain.pem didn't exist at /var/www/html/ Despite my late night making all the links from /etc/letsencrypt/live/ for all my vhosts. So I ventured into the directories with a proper term .dircolors turned on and got:

**cert.pem chain.pem fullchain.pem privkey.pem** README

I immediately use stat on the nearest one and it show the link is:
File: fullchain.pem -> ../../archive/

And it is indeed two directories down and just to the left of the original link file. so not sure if this is how the policy issued with shorthand since it is possible to have in a different directory on install if the path arguments are there, but as I see it now I gotta go modify all the links from /

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My problem doesn't need to be handled. I've already got it well in hand, for any who need it the simple solution is to:
ln -sfn /complete/path/to/point/to linkfile.etc (with appropriate super cow powers as needed)

I was reporting a weak point in the scripts etc. that use short hand reference rather than full paths. And with something as important as the #1 internet security protocol such shortcuts shouldn't be taken for granted. (I would have just as eloquently expounded on it without all the verbose bluster I've seen in some of the "policy issue" topics with in the general UNIX universe, but earlier but my timeline got cut short.)

Going back to root now,

EPSF I forgot to mention in the original that that orphans are in all directories both the original /etc/letsencrypt/live/.... (where it would seem the short hand is correct) as well as the server side links

I'm not understanding where the trouble is coming from.

I think on ~all UNIX-like platforms, copying a symlink (with cp) causes it to be followed/dereferenced by default. So hopefully users should not encounter situations where they copy a symlink that contains the relative path as a target.

Creating a symlink to a symlink should work as expected through renewals as well.

Modifying anything inside /etc/letsencrypt/{live,archive} is dangerous, it would not be surprising if things broke, there are numerous README files in there warning against that.

How did you end up in a problematic situation? Can you provide examples of commands?


Maybe I did break something since I did indeed symlink the symlink to the server directory, but as I pointed out the shorthand /../../ is correct from the /live/ directories. But since the Webserver wasn't running yet It wasn't "live" usage just static. and even the .pem links not used are orphans as well.

I didn't use cp but ln.

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