AKS/cert-manager Letsencrypt TLS/SSL issue

Hi Team,

We have a strange issue with letsencrypt cert-manager
we running an application in AKS where we have installed cert-manager on AKS.
certificate got issued and secrets has been created, we are able to access our domain with SSL for few minutes and after few minutes we get warning message saying no valid certificate found. SSL is on and off in our case.
below are the logs of cert-manager

we have cert-manager version:v1.11.0
we have reinstalled cer-manager but no luck
could you please suggest what has to be done to fix this issue. we are stuck on this for 2 weeks.

Welcome @Raksha

I don't see anything in those error messages specific to Let's Encrypt. Some other volunteer might contribute but I'd suggest checking the github for cert-manager. They are experts in that product.

And, in general the troubleshooting guide is good to know


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