Addon domain rate on same server

I’ve got a question regarding to the max certificates on a server/host.

We’ve got around 90 domains on the same server, we’ve generated succesfully for all the domains a Let’s encrypt certificate. But what if the amount exceed the 100? We won’t be able to generate new certificates for the 101th addon domain or how does it exactly work with the rate limit á server?

If you’re going to need more than 100 hostnames on the same box, you’ll need to configure your web server to use SNI, which allows it to serve different certs depending on the hostname requested. You can at that point use one cert per domain, or group the hostnames together in any way that works for you.

@danb35’s answer is right. The limit of 100 names per certificate is a policy limit which we don’t usually describe as a “rate limit”.

The rate limits themselves are described at

They mostly apply when trying to get multiple certs in a short period of time that relate to the same domain.

I understand,
But the SNI I have a question about, what I noticed is that: have a issued certificate from or sometimes also
Is this related to SNI?
I use WHM by the way.

If you mean that the server has served the wrong certificate for a given domain, that’s related to SNI in the sense that either the correct certificate was unavailable, or the server was not correctly configured to use SNI.

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