Adding Code in Boulder

Hi ,
Im having a boulder instance in my local server.

I need to edit the code and add an OID syntax. So when the certificate generates this OID should be included in my certificate. But this OID is not supported by letsencrypt. So im trying to add this as a static string or any kind of data in my generated certificates. But i want this in my certificates.

TNAuthorizationList ::= SEQUENCE SIZE (1…MAX) OF TNEntry

 TNEntry ::= CHOICE {
 spid   [0] ServiceProviderIdentifierList,
 range  [1] TelephoneNumberRange,
 one        E164Number }

How and which file i need to add this syntax to get this in my certificate.

Thanks in advance.

I have absolutely no clue to Go, but I know Let’s Encrypt has support for the Must Staple extension through the TLS Feature Extension.

It is handled in ca.go, so what I would suggest is look at the code here:

And just look at how the TLS Feature Extension is handled and try to copy and modify that.


I tried adding the OID similar to TLS feature as a Must Staple extension. But it doesn’t work.

Do you have any idea that where the structure of OID’s will be defined?

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