ACMEv2 order always in "pending" but the authz is "invalid"

Process as follows:

First Run:

  1. new order with domain set A(a,b,c)!
  2. For authz domain a, it has http-01 and dns-01 challenge, then trigger the dns-01 (Do not create a TXT record), the authz status switch to “invalid”, the dns-01 challenage status switch to “invalid”;
  3. process end!

Second Run:

  1. new order with the SAME domain set A(a,b,c);
  2. order status is “pending”, but the a’s authz is “invalid”;
  3. the process failed.

ORDER json:


This process can be repeated!

It sames to issue:
ACMEv2 - Errors during finalization leave order stuck processing. #3403

Hi @ylbjudge,

You are correct - this is issue #3403 and #3333 - the latter has been fixed in master and should be deployed to staging on Tuesday. The former will probably be fixed the following week.

Thanks for your patience,

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