I frequently encounter organizations and technologists who have misconceptions about ACME. I believe that the community can do a better job effectively communicating the story and value of ACME. In line with this goal, I have created

Currently, the website is quite basic and hosted on WebFlow. However, the intention is to transfer it to a static site and share the source code on a GitHub repository, allowing for further enhancements as soon as practical.

While I cannot provide a specific timeline for major improvements at the moment, I would greatly appreciate your input on what you believe should be included on a site like this.

Regarding the inclusion of links to third-party projects, my initial criteria focused on projects or products that have a dedicated page explaining the benefits of ACME and providing instructions on its usage. Additionally, I aimed to select moderately popular projects to avoid overwhelming visitors. I'm aware that there are likely many projects I have missed, but this site serves as a starting point :slight_smile:

Ryan Hurst


This website fills my entire 4K screen from just the first paragraph, it could do well with a 30% smaller font face, at least. Also, it swallows scroll events which is a big no no for accessibility. Useful website, though.

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