ACME v2 - Scheduled deprecation of unauthenticated resource GETs

Previously, we announced the deprecation of unauthenticated GET requests for the Production ACMEv2 API will occur on November 1st, 2020. After evaluating the current level of POST-as-GET support across requests to the ACMEv2 API we have decided to indefinitely postpone our deprecation plan.

We believe that all ACME clients should implement POST-as-GET for client compliance with RFC 8555. Our Staging environment will continue enforcing mandatory POST-as-GET and clients can use it for testing. In the future, we hope to see all clients compliant with the spec so we can remove support for unauthenticated GETs from the Production API. For the time being, we have removed the event from our ACME API Events calendar and thank all the ACME client implementers who have enabled POST-as-GET.