ACME v2: Removing /acme/issuer-cert endpoint

On Thursday, Jan 7th, 2021 we will remove the /acme/issuer-cert path from our v2 API frontend. This should have no impact on your issuance or renewal, as the endpoint receives almost zero traffic.

Our ACME servers (both API v1 and v2) currently expose this path, which serves the contents of our current issuer certificate in DER format. This endpoint serves a critical purpose in the v1 issuance flow. However, its presence in our v2 API is a historical holdover that serves no purpose. Also, its presence complicates our efforts to provide RSA and ECDSA issuance side-by-side in the near future.

Over the past few weeks we have worked with client developers to ensure that no v2 clients are using this endpoint as part of their issuance flow. Today, it receives less than 10 requests per day, none of which appear to be part of any critical path.

Therefore, we feel comfortable removing the endpoint without extensive brownouts or deprecation periods. We will remove it as part of a standard deployment on Thursday, Jan 7th, 2021.

Thank you. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them here.