ACME v2 Certificate how to produce PKCS12 certificate?


Hello to everyone,
i am trying to create a client (desktop application) on C# .Net which will support both ACME V1 and V2.
I done everything, all the steps for both protocols.
Using Bouncy Castle for .Net i can produce a PKCS12 (.pfx) certificate for V1 without any problems.
But i stuck on last step for V2, i download the chain file from the “ceriticate” url and i dont know what to do with the contents of this file to create a PCKS12 certificate.

Can you please help me?


The ACMEv1 server sends the end-entity certificate with a Link header to the intermediate CA certificate. The ACMEv2 server sends the end-entity certificate and the intermediate certificate concatenated together.

Your library probably doesn’t understand chains like these. You will need to split up the file at the -----END CERTIFICATE----- barrier with your own code to get two or more certificate files to use to generate your PKCS12 file.


thank you very very very much.
your comment helped me understand, i completed the creation of V2 certificate.
now i will summarize and beautify my application.
when completed i will create a github for this client, anyone who wants it will be able to use it.

thanks again you were very helpfull.


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