- run command after cert issuance

The wiki lists several similar options, and I’d like a little guidance as to which is the best to use here. I’ve hacked together a script to deploy a cert to a FreeNAS server using the FreeNAS API. So I want to be able to issue the cert, call this script after issuance, and also have it be called any time the cert is renewed. Am I right in thinking that --reloadcmd would be the option to use here?

That seems like a reasonable choice to me.

The other options seem to be --post-hook, --renew-hook or --deploy-hook. Apparently --post-hook runs whether the certificate was successfully issued or not; --renew-hook seems not to run after the initial issuance, only after renewal[*]; and --deploy-hook seems to expect a shell function rather than a generic command. So despite the name I think you’re correct in thinking --reloadcmd is the best option to use.

[*] based on reading the source rather than testing, so I may be wrong about that, but that’s also how certbot’s hook of the same name behaves.

Yeah, I was a little hesitant due to the name, but the docs made it sound like it would be the most relevant. Thanks.

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