[acme.sh] Multiple Reload Commands

This might be a newbie Linux question but on acme.sh, where you specify --reloadcmd I currently have that set to service apache2 restart. I am also running Webmin on this server which is it's own miniserv instance, so I need to be able to restart that as well when the cert if renewed. How do I issue two commands, or do I need to make a script that does both and call that script?

I have Webmin using the same certificate files as Apache, which is working great.

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I'm not that well familiair with acme.sh, but it might be possible to put the commands between quotes ("...") and separate the commands with a semi-colon (;). I think it should work, as acme.sh is mostly just bash scripting, so using a semi-colon makes sense IMO.


--reloadcmd "service apache2 restart; /usr/bin/your_webmin_stuff; /usr/local/other/stuff"


Worth a shot, thanks! I'll report back.


Hello @muzicman82,

I use acme.sh client and I confirm what @Osiris said, it will work perfectly using the example he wrote.



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