- application/pkix-cert

This file:

“Boulder returns certificates with the Content-Type value application/pkix-cert instead of application/pem-certificate-chain.”

while POST-as-GET to /acme/cert/ do return (by default):
Content-Type: application/pem-certificate-chain

which is correct per RFC.
The divergences summary might be updated.

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Hi @omascia :wave:,

Thanks for posting about this. You're correct :white_check_mark:

I posted a pull-request to clean up this inaccuracy and a couple others I caught at the same time: docs: update acme-divergences for rfc 8555. by cpu · Pull Request #4203 · letsencrypt/boulder · GitHub


All fixed. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Thanks too, for having fixed this documentation quickly. :wink: I came across this by adapting today our integrated client, from v1 to v2. I implemented using POST-as-GET where appropriate so I’ll not be concerned by the November 2019 deadline. Job done, it works fine. :+1:

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