Account deleted?

I have auto-renewal set up and have an account private key. But, recently it seems like that private key no longer is tied to an account. I wonder if Let's Encrypt has deleted accounts recently in the past month or two? Is this a regular occurrence?

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Welcome @kmulka-medigo

I am confused by your term "account private key"

There is a private key paired with your public SSL certs.
This private key is never given to Let's Encrypt. It is created by your ACME client on your system. In fact, it should never be given to anyone.

You will have an account ID with Let's Encrypt.
These are not routinely deleted by LE. Your ACME client creates your account and manages it.

Can you explain the question or problem you have in more detail?


I don't think accounts ever get deleted, at least not on the production endpoint.

I think it's happened in the past on the staging endpoint, and there was notice given.

Two possible transitions are:

  • Account had its key changed, so you would no longer have access to it using the old private key. I think you will get a JWS verification error in this case.
  • Account was deactivated. You would receive an error message about the account status here.

Accounts also use a public/private keypair. The ACME server gets the public part and the ACME client signs requests with the private part.


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