Access by IP address

Long time no see.
I want to access by specifying the local IP address of the server from a PC in the LAN.
Normally, I can't access by specifying the IP address of the server, right?
How should I write httpd.conf or ssl.conf to make that possible?
For example, I type this in my browser:
Please give me an answer.

Currently, LE doesn't provide certs for IP addresses.
AFAIK, no global CA provides certs for IPs in the RFC 1918 range ( network).
So your best choice is to use the FQDN in the URL (and play IP tricks within your network or system).
The next best thing is to generate your own long-lived cert for that use; and then trust it explicitly.
Use any cert and click the annoying warning message every time it pops up (NOT RECOMMENDED).

Step #1: Decide on which type of cert you will be using for that access.


I agree with Rudy here :slight_smile: IMO best options are:

  • Get a (Let's Encrypt) certificate for a hostname and add that hostname in combination with the internal IP address to your hosts file, or:
  • Generate a self signed certificate for your internal IP address and manually trust it on your computer.

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