About reissue after manual revocation of certificate

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I would like to issue the certificate on another server after manually revoking the certificate.

Is it possible to reissue immediately after manual revoke?
Or do I need to wait some time after it revoke?

This is done to migrate the server.
Using the rental server, the certificate is automatically issued by the rental server company.
The certificate used is Let’s Encrypt.


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Why did you revoke a cert?
Could you just have deleted it and the private key file?


Hi @ponizovje

configure your new server.

Create a new certificate.

Then you can delete the old certificate. Or better: Make a backup, then you can re-use the old certificate if there is a problem creating a new certificate.


Thank you for reply @rg305 @JuergenAuer

I’m migrating the server.
I can’t control Let’s Encrypt at the migration destination.

The migration destination is the rental server, and the certificate is automatically issued by the rental server company.

So I thought I needed to revoke the certificate I’m using now.
I don’t know if I can issue certificates for the same domain in multiple places.

Can multiple servers issue certificates for the same domain?
If so, I would like to issue a new one at the migration destination and then revoke the existing certificate.

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You can. The limits are 5 certs with the exact same set of names.

Yes; but validation may be tricky, as HTTP validation requires reaching the IP of the name [which must be at the server making the request or that request will fail]

Please don’t revoke certificates for this reason only.
You can simply delete it along with the private key file.


Thank you for your help!

I understood everything.

The new server will switch DNS, so it will be the new IP.
I will issue the certificate on the new server without revoking the existing certificate.

Thank you!!!


Cheers from Miami :beers:


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