4 part domain names and wildcard certs


I have setup a wildcard cert for uptownbusinessassociation.com and *.uptownbusinessassociation.com.


all work as expected.


does NOT work as expected. I can’t setup a star.star.uptownbusinessassociation.com name with my dns provider. ( tried to do a double asterisk in that link but the post just showed …uptownbusinessassociation.com and didn’t show what I typed… so star.star has to fill in)

My server serves up https://jack.test.uptownbusinessassociation.com just fine.

The chrome and firefox browsers I use to test both say something like:

This server could not prove that it is jack.test.uptownbusinessassociation.com; its security certificate is from *.uptownbusinessassociation.com. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

Is there a way to setup a wildcard.wildcard cert since a wildcard cert doesn’t cover sub.sub-domains?

We use 4 part sub domains for something like test.backend.some.site where backend.some.site is the production version and test.backend.some.site or staging.backend.some.site are on our test systems.

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You can get certificates for *.test.uptownbusinessassociation.com and *.backend.some.site. (And Let’s Encrypt allows up to 100 names per certificate.) Unfortunately wildcards only apply to one “level”.


No. To the best of my knowledge, no CA supports this. But you could do *.uptownbusinessassociation.com and *.test.uptownbusinessassociation.com (even both on the same cert if desired).


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