ZeroSSL website down?


I can’t reach since yesterday. Tried it on several PCs at several locations (all in Germany): I always get “Can’t connect to site” in all browsers. I can ping but I can’t reach the website.

I can’t find any information on this. Nobody seems to have any problems with Just one other Twitter user (also in Germany) seem to have the same problem.

Is really down? Or have they locked out European users because of new GDPR laws? I hope not!

Any ideas?



Yeah… zerossl seems to have some issue…

I don’t know if the site admin is in this forum or not…

But from my sight it’s down too…

Thank you

P.S. the hosting provider seems to have some issue…

The host closed all ports so as their main website. (

This website claim has been down for a week now…(not sure how they calculated)



Yes, he is here. @leader, could you please take a look?. Thank you.

By the way, I can’t connect too, neither from US, Spain, UK, France nor Germany.



Hi, looking into this. Should be up soon.


Unscheduled weekend maintenance got in the way. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Should be resolved now (normally that may only cause a short connectivity issue, but not this time).


Working fine now :wink:


Managed to renew my certificate without problems now. Thanks for your support!


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