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As it is a typical question I avoid to enter the domain name.

I used tutorials based on in order to make https for my domain. Unfortunately, I did not consider to make the certificate at first.
Is there a shortcut to not start from scratch?

I I want to start from the scratch how should I remove the previous certificate? Also what changed should be done into nginX


If you mean by ‘start from scratch’ uninstall everything, no, don’t do that.
Don’t try to delete anything, certificates created are outside your control and deleting them solve nothing.
However, you have to restart a new request. How it’s done depends on your client, and possibly how you used it. Since you did not share this information by avoiding to fill the default help form, it’s not possible to help your further.

I really do not know what is the point of knowing the domain, as I do not have any problem with but need to get www. section added to it. You just need to say for example the you can use this and that commands. The same as written in link

However, I could share the nginX if it helps to hep :slight_smile:

Hi @node

please read

there it is explained.

Thanks Juergen!
It is solved anyhow!

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