Www doesm't work in my browser

I have added “*.abc.uat.mmyx.com” in my DNS server.
If i use “test.abc.uat.mmyx.com” in my browser , it works well.
if i use “www.test.abc.uat.mmyx.com”,the certificate in browser is correct,But the browser remind me the certificate is unsafe.
What can i do?

Thanks first.

It’s most probably because you have not configured it. www. is an entirely different domain that is usually going to the same place as non-www, but that’s not a rule and you can choose what and where it goes.

Post the actual domain and we’ll see.

Hi @zyjiang

that’s expected.

A certificate *.abc.uat.mmyx.com works only with one label. Not with two - *.*.abc.uat.mmyx.com.

So www.test.abc.uat.mmyx.com can’t work.

If you want that, you must create a certificate with *.test.abc.uat.mmyx.com.


i have so many subdomain,
so i just want to create a certificate for “www.*.abc.uat.mmyx.com” .
cerbot cannot support,have any good idea?
create a certificate with *.test.abc.uat.mmyx.com will be complex.


it’s not certbot, it’s x.509 certificates that don’t support wildcards in the middle.

if I were you, I’d just give it up and don’t use www. on anything. (second level domains, maybe… tastes)

cool , thanks a lot.

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