Wrong Zertifikat

Hi I triggered SSLScript at all-inkl.de. SSL Certificate

#1: Let's Encrypt, R3 signed by: Internet Security Research Group, ISRG Root X1

but if I use the domain.

https://pfiffikus.online enter I land on



It must definitely be to blame that certificate is to blame, because so far nothing else runs on this server... I have already deleted the certificate and had a new one created, but the same result.

Sorry I'm German and I translated with Gtrans


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Hi @SvenMerlin, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Please check the spelling on that name:

nslookup pfifikus.online
*** UnKnown can't find pfifikus.online: Non-existent domain

[make sure the translator didn't change the name - LOL]


sorry there was a typo misstake

Yes, your certificate looks good. You can see also on this SSL Checker site (link here)

I don't see anything wrong in the redirects you have in Apache either. But, it is better if you setup a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. See below

Can you explain more what you think the problem is?

(http works but should redirect to https)
curl -I  pfiffikus.online
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Apache

(https works, no redirect)
curl -I https://pfiffikus.online
HTTP/2 200
server: Apache

(https works, no redirect)
curl -I https://www.pfiffikus.online
HTTP/2 200
server: Apache

No idea what they want from me, if I click on https://pfiffikus.online I will still redirect to https://pfiffikus.onine... Try clicking on the link and you will see it.
and on my interface of the provider I see nowhere anything that could cause this

For starters, it would really help if you'd correctly spell your own domain name.

Secondly, there's nothing wrong with the current redirect (except for the missing HTTP to HTTPS redirect, but something that's not there cannot be incorrect at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:). Perhaps you need to clear your browsers cache?

Thirdly, a redirect problem is NOT a certificate problem. Redirects are send by the webserver. The existance (or absence) of a TLS certificate on its own does NOT interfer with any redirects what so ever.



Sometimes the problem is so simple and you don't see it... Thanks for the help and decision that I annoyed you

[I'm soooo stupid]


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