WordPress - Need To Update Static Assets Such as Images after Swapping to HTTPS

You’re better off reaching out to a wordpress person than trying to go under the hood - if that’s not something you are familiar with.

That said, if I was looking under the hood, I would be looking through the webserver configuration file(s) for something like
AliasMatch ^/gifs(.*) /folder/to/images
AliasMatch ^/jpg(.*) /folder/to/images
AliasMatch ^/png(.*) /folder/to/images
and ensure that they were included in both the http and https portions of the configuration(s).

Yeah, I don’t know much about programming :wink:
But I am curious though and always ready to dive in when I have found easy to understand information. Unfortunately I’m helpless,whenever an unforeseen issue comes my way.

If the files are indeed not in the https folder, would it be enough to simply use copy and paste?

Just to clarify, do I need to contact Wordpress for further support or my hosting company?

I can’t thank you enough! I had no idea where to start looking if it wasn’t for you!

I appreciate your patience and the time you’be spent to help me!

You are very welcome.
We are all here to help each other.

I don’t think the image files are in the http folder - I think they are possibly in their own folder.
Somehow the http portion is aware of them while the https portion is not.
I would start with WordPress support or the hosting company if they are WordPress savvy.

hi @FreeSpirit

WordPress uses the concept of root to load assets (such as images) to your sitee

with HTTP version of your site

With HTTPS version of your site

With HTTPS Version of Your Site Service Images over HTTP (mixed content)

So what your actual problem is that some of your assets have been updated to work over HTTPs while other (i believe static) have not.

If you update your static assets to be available of HTTPS (which is what really simple ssl is supposed to do) you will have no issues

Note: WordPress is changing the HTTP and HTTPS automatically


There are a couple of articles (which you would have found if you searched Wordpress on this forum) on how to do this


Thank you for taking the time to look at my issue, Andrei!

Although I haven’t been able to resolve the issue through the information you gave me, some of the keywords you used did help during my research.
So thank you for that.

As to your last comment:
You’re right, I might have found the proper information eventually. But since I had no idea what the issue was, I did a general search on google and the really simple ssl forum. Since my search was unsuccessful for 2 days, I took a shot to ask for help here.

To help others struggling with the same issue, I’d like to clarify how I found the solution:

A comment from Rogier Lankhorst did the trick.
He suggested to someone else to deactivate Hotlink Protection.

Since I knew that it was activated on my server, this is what I did:

  1. login to cpanel and
  2. add the https URLs to allow access (instead of deactivating it completely)
  3. click submit

Et voilà, the images appear on the https version of my site.

==> Thanks again to all of you for responding, for your advice and support! <==

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to quote my colleague @rg305

Glad it’s all working now and welcome to HTTPS courtesy of Let’s Encrypt :smiley:


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