Windows clients missing executable file

I’m finding an windows client application, but I can’t find any that’s compiled.

It’s very stupid for me… Windows have no compiler… so I have no way to get EXE file. So this pseudo “clients” are for nothing. Installing Visual Studio or something else is no way (why do it on server?)

… linux client is has self instalation script… I don’t see any Windows client with self installation script :frowning:

Note… I find first here … … why download link is not on home page… missing logic :thumbsdown:

I have had great success with using for my Windows server.

The project is active and you can get the compiled builds here:

What project have you been trying to use that does not include the compiled program?

EDIT: In response to your edit:

GitHub has a structured layout and the releases are on the homepage of the project (see screenshot).

You can try if you have PHP installed. I fixed the key generation on Windows today, tests are working, but I couldn’t try it on a server yet, because I don’t have access to one.

Working with Cygwin on Windows: