Win-acme with Azure DNS verification not re-using cached certificates?

I ran this command:
wacs.exe --target manual --host [myhost] --certificatestore My ^
--installation iis,script --installationsiteid 1 --script "Scripts\ImportSSTP.ps1" --scriptparameters "{CertThumbprint}" ^
--verbose --validation azure ^
--azuretenantid [tenantId] ^
--azureclientid [clientId] ^
--azuresecret [secret] ^
--azuresubscriptionid [subId] ^
--azureresourcegroupname [resource-group-name]

The command runs fine and generates a certificate as needed. However, I noticed that a re-run of the command will generate a new certificate, rather than re-use the existing one. Does it mean Azure / DNS verification doesn't re-use cached certificates?

The version of my client (win-acme / wacs):

Hi @mbender and welcome to the forum!

I don't use windows and am not familiar with wacs.exe... However, I would expect that if one were to run the same exact command that one would get the same exact result.

I see you are using a script for the process. I am also NOT familiar with the script or it's usage.
But a quick scan of the win-acme documentation does offer information relating to your desired result.

     Renew any certificates that are due. This argument is used
     by the scheduled task. Note that it's not possible to
     change certificate properties and renew at the same time.
     Force renewal when used together with --renew. Otherwise
     bypasses the certificate cache on new certificate
Another volunteer here may be able to give you more support...
"That's all I got!"
Hope it helps a little?

I believe win-acme does have some certificate caching so if you consider that there's a bug you should report it on their github issues.

Meanwhile, if your objective is to be able to repeatedly run a script from an existing certificate also check out (software I developed) and it's Deployment Tasks feature. Tasks are repeatable from the Tasks tab.

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