Will certbot work if web server e.g. Apache is in different location?

I am going to be building a digitialocean instance whereby Apache and MySQL are installed in an encrypted volume.

The encrypted volume will be made from a large file, using some of the steps like these here (for example)

This will mean that the path of the Apache executable (and perhaps the sites-available will be different).

So my question is: can certbot auto-discover things that it needs, like where the virtualhosts are setup for the domains that it will get SSL certificates for?

Background: I have various projects one of which includes a community. I want to learn about GDPR and what’s required. I believe that encrypting the filesystem might be one of the things that would be recommended for compliance.

There are options you can pass to the certbot command to tell it where things are, if you’ve put them in non-standard locations. --apache-server-root, --apache-vhost-root etc. Type certbot --help apache for more information.

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