Wildcard cert will not renew --dnssleep arg won't work

That log says you used the option --dns dns_yandex which would be the old plugin, not the new one using the yandex360 plugin.

@Neilpang Can you confirm that the value provided by the --dns option uses the file name of that value? I didn't find anything resembling like that file foobar.sh could provide a plugin for --dns baz for example. The correct value for the --dns option for the file foobar.sh in the dnsapi directory would be --dns foobar, right?


They provided this link and I created an app and now I am confused how to get a token and which one out of the 4 they decsribe

I can't figure out how to get a new token and which one should I get? This is what I was advised on a github anyway:

    • Yandex DNS API name has been changed. The new value for the --dns argument must now be set as dns_yandex360.
    • You must issue a new token for the updated Yandex API. Please refer to this guide for more information:Доступ к API - 360 API. api360
      and you also advised to fix the DNS API Test

Yes. it's the file name.


So can someone help with these 2 final steps ?

I don't think there's much Yandex experience on this Community I'm afraid.


It seems that way unfortunately - I guess I will need to switch to Cloudfare

Maybe there are support forums for Yandex?


I'll check it out first of course - my
cert expired today

Doesn't Yandex at least provide some manual TXT adding and removing in the mean time, while you're figuring out the API stuff?


No clue- everything changed very recently - I have to look into it