Whois githb.co?

I see a certificate from Let’s Encrypt for githb.co, but it does not say, who the owner is. If I check GitHub, Inc. they use cert from DigiCert Inc.
The main issue is that githb.co uses this cert to send emails that look like GitHub. Please check! And if needed contact github.

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Certificate Problem Reports can be submitted via email to: cert-prob-reports@letsencrypt.org

That is probably the fastest way to get the certificate administratively revoked.

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Let’s Encrypt has a statement about phishing sites:

Regardless of their positions on the matter, CAs have limited ability to take down sites.

You may want to report them to the TLD, their hosting companies, and third-party services.

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Hi Matt,

Just for your info: This is about the side where you host your code. Assume someone from letsencryt does a mistake now, this can corrupt your code.
And github is also informed.

With regards


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