Whitelist request

We’re going to start using LE here at BBC Worldwide. Currently, we don’t seem to be blacklisted, but seeing as bbc.com is (I’ve been experimenting with a bbc.com subdomain), I’d like to request digital.bbcworldwide.com is explicitly added to the whitelist.

Also, could you please confirm this would whitelist any subdomain of digital.bbcworldwide.com?

Thank you!

Hi @luispabon, happy to hear the BBC will be using LE certs for this website! There is no domain whitelist to add this to and I can confirm that bbcworldwide.com is not on the policy list that would prevent issuance. You should be OK to issue for bbcworldwide.com and any of its subdomains immediately.


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That’s great news @cpu, thank you!

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