Which VirtualHosts would you like to install the wildcard certificate for?


While trying to generate and install a batch of certificate automatically through ansible, I am issuing the following command.

certbot -d *.example.in -d example.in -a dns-cloudflare -i apache -n --email info@example.com --agree-tos --expand --redirect --no-eff-email --keep-until-expiring

Upon which Its throwing the following error.

…“Missing command line flag or config entry for this setting:”, “Which VirtualHosts would you like to install the wildcard certificate for?”…

Now, since its noninteractive I need to pass my choices via flags, so is there a flag to address the above prompt.


try adding

You should probably check:
certbot certificates
(before and after your test)

Once successful, you should be able to reference it via the new cert-name.
And it would also have a renewal conf file - which could reduce future renewals to just:
cerbot renew --cert-name <new.cert.name>

You will, however, be required to update any vhost files that will be using the new wildcard cert (but just once).


It doesn’t seem as though Certbot’s Apache plugin provides a way to solve this non-interactively.

I would agree that certonly and pre-configuration of the virtualhost is probably better for Ansible. It more closely follows the concept of idempotency anyway, since the Apache plugin will alter your configuration.


So for the moment, I just went with using the “expect” module from ansible and reverted the installation mode back to interactive, then from the installation prompt input the choice, so that, I didn’t have to depend on any automation flag.


If there isn’t an issue on the certbot github page about this, it might me good to open one :slight_smile:


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