Which browsers and operating systems support Let's Encrypt

It should be noted that the Windows XP support requiring Windows XP Service Pack 3 means that only one (x86-32) of the three (x86-32, IA-64/Itanium, x86-64) architectures for which Windows XP was released is supported because Windows XP Service Pack 3 was released only for x86-32.

Some good year-end news: Let’s Encrypt is now recognized/supported by BlackBerry 10 as of version 10.3.3.

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Confirmed as working on Netsurf 3.7, Amaya 11.3, Safari 3.1 (windows build), and Konqueror 4.8.

Opera 7 to 10 reports the certificate chain as “incomplete” but allows you to proceed anyway.
Opera 11 and over works fine.

All tested on a windows 7 pc.

Sony PSP O/CFW 6.61 (Latest version) does not work

see all root certificates flash0:/data/cert/CA_LIST.cer

CA_LIST.cer.txt (63.6 KB)

But now almost no one use the PSP to access the Internet.


I work at Univention in Germany and wanted to add Univention Corporate Server (UCS) to the list of OS (UCS is an enterprise Linux distro based on Debian).

in UCS 4.1, apache Web servers, and Mail servers (dovecot, postfix) on top of UCS can use a “small Let’s Encrypt client” for UCS to generate and work with certificates. The script uses UCR variables (UCS configuration variables) to specify which services and on which domains the certificate is valid. And by default, a cron task will try to renew the certificate every month.

The UCS forum mentions that the script is being adapted for UCS 4.2.

Some people in the (German) forum have reported other clients like Certbot or Dehydrated to have worked for them on UCS too.

Java 8 Update 141 released 18th July 2017 now contains ISRG Root X1 directly.

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PS4 firmware 5.00 released October 3, 2017 lists the DST Root CA X3 as a trusted root and thus should work, users beta testing that version have previously reported it as working. So this should probably be updated in the official docs.

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Done, thanks!

Here’s a list for Nintendo’s ill-fated WiiU which has an “Internet Browser”. Again DST Root CA X3 is missing so Let’s Encrypt won’t work for WiiU. I found this while researching a question by a WiiU user which seemed to indicate that might be the case.


Since Nintendo purchases the “Internet Browser” from ACCESS Co. Limited of Japan as NetFront is it possible that ISRG can reach out to ACCESS / NetFront to get either DST Root CA X3 or ISRG Root X1 into future NetFront releases?


Please add the following to your list. I committed the change last year (2017). That is add ISRG Root X1 to the list of trusted CA certs:

Oracle Solaris
Version 11.4.

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