Where do I find security updates

When there is a security update to the server software, how will I find out about it?

I’d love it if there was a mailing list I could subscribe to and just get an email alert.

I do want this to be as automated as possible.

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as far as I’m aware letsencrypt-auto should automatically check and update itself to the latest version every time it runs, so there is no need to manually update it. any security updates would be automatically included.

Ok, that sounds good in many ways, but does potentially pose some security risks…

We might want to not give that code access to update itself automatically. We may want to control the timing with which it is done.

Just trying to figure out the best practices here. Is it just running with:

New client versions are generally announced as a post in this forum. You can also track new releases via GitHub, for example using the atom feed.

There’s also a mailing list for client development, but it’s not just for announcements, so it could be a bit noisy for this purpose.

Thanks about the atom feed.

There’s nothing specifically about security releases though I assume.

Maybe they could set up another list to send updates for email.

Twitter’s useful too, but generally not something that folks are going to notice with a river of content.

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