When does an SSL "start"?

i.e. If I buy an SSL today for 2 years, does the “2 years” start on the day you buy it or when you activate the SSL?


  1. You don’t buy SSL from let’s encrypt - it’s free!
  2. Let’s Encrypt’s certificates valid for 3 months only and starting immediately.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to buy a future certificate from other CAs (CA = certificate authority), I think that you can’t.


Cheers @VladGincher. If you see my other thead, I have mention free is the reason that I came for Let’s Encrypt. However, maybe I should be more specific. I mean paid SSLs specifically.

Ohh I’ve forgot :smiley:. Usually it starts immediately.

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Cheers @VladGincher. I wish future certificate was possible. I didn’t intend to use my SSL right away. :frowning:

It depends on the vendor. Some vendors will consider the “start” to be the moment you check out. Other vendors will sell you a “token” or “credit” that can be redeemed internally for an SSL certificate in their system, and the timer starts when consume the token with a Certificate Signing Request.


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