What tests does let`s encrypt conduct to issue a certificate?

What requirements must my DNS (custom) meet to be able to receive certificates let`s encrypt for domains?

What types of requests or what requests does it send let`s encrypt for the test?

maybe you have an example implementation of simple dns that solves this issue

I will be grateful for your help!

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Let's Encrypt currently uses Unbound as their DNS client. Someone has set up a system that's configured very similarly at Unboundtest; you can look at the configuration there.

They might change their DNS client in the future though, and in fact their organization is funding development on a different one that they expect to use at some point.

As I said in your other thread, making your own DNS server is pretty challenging. If you're looking for the requirements, I'd suggest starting with the list of RFCs linked by Wikipedia. Or, just use any of the already-existing standard authoritative DNS server implementations out there already, or one of the many hosted solutions.

Maybe you said more about what you're actually trying to accomplish, people would be able to give you more specific advice.


Thank you, I will read the information you provided

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You can fully test your DNS system as much as you like using the LE staging environment.
[no harm - no foul]

You can do that until just it works [or you give up trying - LOL].


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