What steps should I follow to get HTTPS for facebook on my Express server?

Notably, even when we ignore the certificate error, the file at


is not available at all. That probably means that /home/u811029570/public_html isn't really the right place to store static files in order to make them appear on your site. How did you choose this directory as your webroot? What would you do in order to make a file visible at a particular location on your site?

Yes, the point of this task is to determine the relationship between commands and directory paths on the server and the files that appear on the web site.

maybe I should put it in the folder created within public_html / michaelgram that was created for my subdomain.
Recall that this is a subdomain which I want to use to host you on my local server and pass the Facebook test.
I think I'm doing it wrong.
public_html is where my web is: webapplicationdeveloper.es and a folder was created automatically within public_html the "michaelgram" folder, which may be where it should lodge all the files that I have to create and move .well-known / acme-challenge / within the "michaelgram" folder.
If I do this from the console, it is because the web did not work well, and it is not complicated for me, I already studied "linux servers".
I do not know, do you think I should move everything to the "michaelgram" folder ... ??

If you create /home/u811029570/public_html/michaelgram/test3.txt, is it visible at http://michaelgram.webapplicationdeveloper.es/test3.txt?

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Yes, in /michaelgram.webapplicationdeveloper.es/test3.txt only the 404 error page comes out, but it works, since I do not have any html.
I followed all the steps of the tutorial inside the “michaelgram” folder and still giving the same error:

Providing payload at http://michaelgram.webapplicationdeveloper.es/.well-known/acme-challenge/XggZbNTk5_d8l0ous_lKwo1elvXAXExq9bXFZDCXJwk
Kelunik\Acme\AcmeException: Verification failed, please check the response body for ‘http://michaelgram.webapplicationdeveloper.es/.well-known/acme-challenge/XggZbNTk5_d8l0ous_lKwo1elvXAXExq9bXFZDCXJwk’. It contains ’

404 Not Found

404 Not Found


’ but ‘XggZbNTk5_d8l0ous_lKwo1elvXAXExq9bXFZDCXJwk._xNEm1peybYwaLg11kL7L7CH92xUXB5Uf3ZfTN8Si6g’ was expected. in /home/u811029570/public_html/michaelgram/acme-client/vendor/kelunik/acme/lib/Verifiers/Http01.php:62

What do you mean? You need to be able to successfully load that test3.txt file in a browser, or there is absolutely no way this will work. A 404 means that your browser is not, in fact, finding this file.


I can not do any more tests, it’s over until tomorrow

Hello, I do not know what I can do to get SSL certificates for my application in Express.
I was reading another article that does not seem difficult, but I do not know how to adapt to my code, I do not know if I should create the app.js file or adapt mine.
The truth is that now with how easy it must be and how difficult it is for me …

@miguelito, ¿que hace para crear archivos en lugares específicos en su sitio? Hasta ahora no tenemos ningunos ejemplos que muestran que crear archivos en /home/u811029570/public_html/michaelgram.webapplicationdeveloper.es resultará en la disponibilidad de los mismos archivos en el sitio.

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Thanks for the support, but I think I will look for another solution, this is making me lose a lot of time. And I do not see that I can get it.

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