What rate limit did I hit with this situation?

Is that domain name jian-home.com?


I did that and it seems like it's working...

Thanks a lot.

Though I still don't undertand 100% why this happened and why this worked.

I have had this set up for the past year and I've renewed my cert several times before and it all worked.

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Here's what you currently have:

www.magiklog.com has CNAME to:

magiklog.com has two IP addresses: and

www.jian-home.com has nothing.

jian-home.com has one IP address:

Here's what I believe you want to have:

First, turn off GoDaddy domain forwarding for everything then wait a bit for the A records to change.

www.magiklog.com has CNAME only to:

magiklog.com has CNAME to:

magiklog.com has no IP addresses.

www.jian-home.com has CNAME to:

jian-home.com has one IP address (nothing to change here):

You need the magiklog.com CNAME to jian-home.com because jian-home.com is using no-ip.com, which is for dynamic IP address. Unfortunately, this setup can make email challenging to setup for magiklog.com. You need to be sure the webserver handles requests properly for magiklog.com, www.magiklog.com, and www.jian-home.com. Once this is all working then get your certificates. Until then, don't waste your time with certificates because you'll just have to fix them later.


Thanks for your suggestion. One question though:

magiklog.com has CNAME to:

While I was playing with the CNAME record on GoDaddy, it doesn't allow me to leave it blank (or @) in the "name" field. So how can I set a CNAME record to the root domain magiklog.com?


Try entering "magiklog.com." on the left side of the CNAME. You must put a period after com for it to be considered an absolute domain name so you don't end up with magiklog.com.magiklog.com.


Thanks a lot. I still need a bit clarification here. Sorry about that!

As far as I understand how CNAME record for a domain name "domain.com" on GoDaddy is done:
It has 3 fields I need to worry about: Type, Name, and Data

"Type" would be CNAME, apparently
"Name" would be the subdomain prefix "abc"
"Data" would be the target "targetdomain.com"

so in this setting it'll redirect abc.domain.com to targetdomain.com

With the setting:

magiklog.com has CNAME to:

If I set "Name" to "magiklog.com." with a period after com, isn't it doing the exactly what I'm avoiding aka
magiklog.com.magiklog.com to jian-home.com?


No. When you manually put the period at the end of the Name, you are telling the interface not to append the domain name afterwards (terminating period makes the name absolute rather than relative).

Take this current record found with dig as an example:

www.magiklog.com. 3600 IN CNAME jian-home.com.

Do you see the periods at the ends of both domain names? That's how the records end up when you use the GoDaddy interface.

Technically, all fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) end in a period. Since it's universal, it's often ignored for brevity.


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