What is minimum memory requirements for Letsencrypt Client?

@jcjones @bmw @jsha still a problem on low memory systems https://github.com/letsencrypt/letsencrypt/issues/1081#issuecomment-161763171 ?

Good question! We haven’t actually tested to find the hard requirement AFAIK, but that linked ticket seems to provide some pretty good information. Seems like the main bottleneck is in installing the dependencies, which is good because we should be able to resolve that!

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Indeed. Let’s see how low the memory requirments can go :slight_smile: Alot of my Centmin Mod Nginx based users run low memory VPS around 256-512MB memory (and down to 128MB minimum) so following that issue closely :slight_smile:

so for other folks on low memory systems, what’s lowest amount you had to successfully install the official letsencrypt client ?

@jsha Letsencrypt-auto Error [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory another :slight_smile:

I can at the very least run the client on a raspberry pi, although it takes half an eternity to get ready.