What happens if I don't update the certificate?

Hi, I received the email about the certificate update.
" we will stop allowing new domains to validate using the ACMEv1 protocol. You should upgrade to an ACMEv2 compatible client"

The website developer is not “available” and he can’t update it during this period.

What happens if I don’t update the certificate?

Will the website visible?

Will it has always the Https?

Will Chrome report it as “dangerous website”?

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Your site will look like this: https://expired.badssl.com/

If you are trying to issue a new domain, you will not be able to get a certificate using the ACMEv1 protocol. Renewals will work until ACMEv1 is fully deprecated in 2021. You can review the full timeline for ACMEv1 deprecation here End of Life Plan for ACMEv1


It’s about updating the software that you use. Nothing special will happen to your existing certificates.

Following the schedule, eventually you will have problems issuing new certificates, first for new domains, and later renewing certificates for your previous domains.


Really?! Oh. It’s not good. Holy crap…

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Ah, ok. this is a good news. So the website will looks always safe in the next months, right?

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As long as your client continues to renew the certificates for the exact same domains on time, your site will continue to be safe/secure. When the ACMEv1 API is fully disabled you will have problems with your site when the certificate expires. Hopefully, you will be able to update your client by that time. Your client should have documentation about how to update. If you cannot find documentation, try searching this forum.

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Will the renewals work even if one renews them after the expiration? Ie. I have an old domain, cert has been expired: can I still renew it using v1? Or does it only work if the renewal happens before expiration?

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